My Approach



My aim is to identify the areas of day-to-day life that are causing you difficulty and develop a personalized, practical plan to eliminate them while offering unobtrusive support to you and your family.

During our first session we will complete a functional screening that addresses your concerns and treatment goals. We’ll discuss:

  • Your medical history and current prognosis
  • Current and future roles and responsibilities
  • How your cognitive challenges are impacting your home life, relationships, work or school, and leisure time.
  • Difficulties related to anxiety, pain, fatigue, concentration, and memory
  • Issues with sleep or insomnia
  • Your social circumstances and support networks
  • The possible need for additional healthcare providers

We will schedule a weekly virtual session, allowing you time to put things into practice between sessions. You will learn to work with your strengths and manage areas of difficulty related to your executive functioning skills or physical capabilities. This will gradually allow you to live a more fulfilling life and accomplish tasks throughout the day with more comfort and ease.

Each week, we’ll add a new building block and adjust as needed. I typically see clients for one to four months, depending upon your short and long-term needs and overall progress.
Additional monthly checks can be scheduled as needed.

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